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My dearly beloved brother and sister, I am sure you would want to give your thank offering on your Birthday, Wedding day / Anniversary, Any other special day or A memorial day to heal millions of broken hearted people and to bring blessings to you and your family during the year.

You are aware that thousands of people watch these expeditional bible study programmes and experience the love of Lord Jesus Christ and His power in their lives.

Much expenditure is involved for the production of these programmes. By co-sponsoring these programmes, you would be an instrument for making the broken hearted people and the families in sorrow, receive comfort and blessing. Delighted over you, the Lord will bless you and your family as you are the channels of blessing to others and will prosper you.

Your Reward

  • You will be a blessing to thousands who watch this programme through your thank offering.
  • You will receive abundant blessing from our Lord while you help us to reach the unreached people
  • You and your family will be covered under His mighty wings with the divine protection and abundant grace all through your life.
  • You will reap abundant blessings through the prayers of the thousands of people, who view your programme.
  • A DVD of your co-sponsored programme will be sent to your home after the telecast.
  • You can cherish those golden moments in the later years by viewing this DVD.